Root Shooters

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Root Shooters

Root Shooters™ are the perfect rooting medium for seeds and plant cloning. Jiffy® and Advanced Nutrients, two of the most knowledgeable gardening companies, combined their expertise to create them.

They are made of a peat based grow media with a proprietary binder holding it together to create the perfect blend of peat-to-air. This combination helps avoid the disease and pH issues you'd normally see with bark based mediums because there are no bark fibers to break down and clog out air spaces.

This unique structure gives you the ideal water holding capacity, while at the same time, giving you excellent drainage. Plus the binder eliminates the need for netting so roots are less likely to be damaged during transplant.

You don't need rooting gels or powders. Simply take your plant cutting and stick it into the starter plug. Root Shooters do all the work for you!

This 50-cell plug tray does not include an outer tray, so if you need one, find it here.

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