Bud Ignitor - 4 liter

Bud Ignitor - 4 liter

Sensi Cal Grow - 1 liter

Sensi Cal Grow - 1 liter

Sensi Cal Bloom - 1 liter

Sensi Cal Bloom - 1 liter
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Sensi Cal Bloom is a nutrient additive rich in calcium and magnesium. It was created by Advanced Nutrients for use during the blooming phase of your plants.

A lack of calcium during the bloom stage can lead to damaged flowers, possible mutations and even bloom rot. Coco coir growing medium locks onto calcium and magnesium, starving your plants. Reverse osmosis (R.O.) water has filtered out these needed minerals.

Sensi Cal Bloom contains the exact combination of calcium (three different types of calcium) that your plants need most during the bloom phase. It also includes other co-nutrients and calcium-potentiating ingredients to ensure maximum absorption and utilization.

You can use SensiCal Bloom with sphagnum, coco coir and soil growing mediums. It works great with any hydro system too:

Drip irrigation
Flood & drain
Drip emitters
Continuous liquid feed growing systems


Adding Sensi Cal Bloom to your existing nutrient regimen will give you larger, more developed flower buds and blooms.

Application Rate: use 2 mL per Liter of water or nutrient solution for every watering during the blooming phase.

Derived from Calcium Nitrate and Magnesium Nitrate.

If you use Advanced Nutrients base nutrients you will NOT need to add Sensi Cal Bloom.

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