Garden photos from our customers:

Thanks to our customers who have shared their photos with us.

How's this for a strawberry plantation? Our customer writes:

"Thought you guys and gals would like to see my version of long term plant management Aeroponic Gardening.

Each tube is lose at bottom for occasional root trimming. All "nuts" run back to reservoir in the 5 minute off time and delivered at 70 deg. each time. The 1/4" black feeder tubes get hot, but "nuts" pass through so quickly they don't absorb any heat. May have to add a cooler this Hot Texas summer.

Both sides feed at same time. All plants on both sides have One square foot of room.  The leaves are Allstar at 1 week. Ozark Beauties on the X side are 1 day.

The X side is my first design and built straight side to have a comparison of growth. We will tag mix the plants up at a month to be accurate. Love the single tube on the X side that cradles the "nuts" feeder line. At under 8' one person can move it around easily. 12 plant system. Still waiting on brother-in-law the electrician to get wiring cleaned up, but wanted you to see. Everything, pumps, PVC, reservoir, DRT-1 timer complete system just over $300.00. The complete 32 unit system with 700 gph pump $400.00. Picked up radio at pawn shop for $25.00, entertain the plants! All PVC we got at a plumbing supply outlet for less than 1/2 the Homer price. All theory and much to learn. You guys have been great... !"

This customer compared nutrients on outdoor peony bushes this year:

"The plant on the left is fed a combination of "CNS17" and "Spray n Grow", on the right Miracle Gro. The difference is amazing, I had to build a support system for the peony being fed CNS17. It's full of bud sites, at least 10 to 1 compared with the Miracle Gro plant."

What happens when you use CNS17 on outdoor roses?  Here's some results from one of our customers who tried it:

"A few more results from CNS17, this is one branch that Y's or splits just out of the frame. I stopped counting at 150 bud sites, every branch looks like this so the plants must have 1,000+. I'll take shots of the full plants this evening when we have better light."  -------->



photo taken 5-8-10

photo taken 5-16-10

An outdoors hops garden grown by one of our customers.

<---- The hops are grown in a Baby Bloomer and are about 2 months old.

Same outdoors hops garden, 2 months later:

One of our customers grew this 1.29 lb. (20.645 oz.) Brandywine tomato using organic fertilizers!


How's this for an Okra?
One of our customers grew it outdoors in a 5 gallon container
using Ocean Forest soil with Age Old Organic fertilizer.

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