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Espoma Tomato-Tone

Espoma Tomato-tone is an all-natural, organic plant food that's perfect for any and all varieties of tomatoes.
$6.75 - $16.95

Espoma Potash

If you've been looking for the perfect enriched potassium source for your flowering plants, trees, vegetables, and shrubs, look no further.

Chapin Premier Pro Extended Performance Poly Sprayer

Chapin's new and improved, heavy-duty, commercial quality- Premier Pro Extended Performance Poly Sprayer has a 1 gallon capacity.

GH Subculture B

If you're looking for a simple, proven way to boost your plants' root system, then SubCulture®-B from GH is the product you need.

Spray-N-Grow (liquid)

?Foliar feed your flowers, fruit or veggies with Spray-N-Grow and you'll see amazing results! Spray-N-Grow is a micronutrient complex, cultured in a water base, that acts as a biocatalyst.
$11.95 - $44.95

Microbe Life Nourish-L

?Microbe Life Nourish-L is a unique, water soluble, liquid humate derived from highly decomposed organic humus deposits. It contains a combination of naturally occurring microorganisms that help to maintain both appearance as well as the vigor of vegetables and plants.
$21.95 - $69.95

Microbe Life Foliar Spray and Root Dip

?Microbe Life Foliar Spray and Root Dip contains Ecto and Endo Mycorrhizal Fungi that live on the roots of your plants to form a healthy symbiotic relationship.
$18.95 - $59.50

Espoma Rock Phosphate

?Espoma Organic Traditions Rock Phosphate is a 100% natural source of phosphorus. Plants require this nutrient for healthy root development and for fruit and flower production.
$9.95 - $21.95

Espoma Bone Meal

Espoma Organic Traditions Bone Meal is an all natural source of organic phosphorous and nitrogen.
$7.95 - $27.95

Espoma Dried Blood

Espoma Organic Traditions Dried Blood is a safe source of organic nitrogen.
$8.95 - $37.95

Hurricane Hydroponics - Selectrocide

​If you've been looking for a multi-purpose disinfectant for your garden for a while now, and simply haven't found anything that's as user-friendly and effective as you'd like, then you need to try Selectrocide.

Hurricane Hydroponics - State of Emergency

tate of Emergency is a top-of-the-line phosphorous and potassium nutrient supplement that's made just for those stages.
$9.95 - $152.95

Hurricane Hydroponics - Converge

Converge makes use of a unique blend of calcium and silicon, which work together to get your sustainable garden back up and running the way you like it.
$24.95 - $109.95

Hurricane Hydroponics - NuHumic

For a quality humic acid product, you can't go wrong with Hurricane Hydroponics' NuHumic WDG Humic Acid Supplement.
$20.95 - $149.95

Hurricane Flower - Storm Surge Silica

Storm Surge Silica works to strengthen plants branches and stems, and protect leaves from harsh environmental changes like drought, heat, salinity, and UV-B rays.
$21.95 - $99.95

Hurricane Hydroponics - Cal-Mag

Cal-Mag contains a unique blend of calcium, nitrogen, magnesium, and iron, which all work to balance out your nutrients and increase yield during flowering or plant maturity.
$16.95 - $86.75

Hurricane Hydroponics - Storm Cell

Storm Cell is brought to you by Hurricane Hydroponics, and is a product that's designed for use with cuttings and seedlings grown in soilless media like vermiculite, rockwool plugs, coco coir, and any other similar mix.
$16.95 - $101.95

Hurricane Hydroponics - White Squall

​If you're looking for a quality product that can descale, oxidize, and take out any sort of buildup within your water culture based hydroponic system, then the White Squall Multi-Functional Oxidizing Water Treatment from the folks at Hurricane Hydroponics might just be the all-purpose option for you.
$29.75 - $127.45

Hurricane Hydroponics - Hurricane Flower - Complete Kit

​The Hurricane Flower Bud Kit contains everything you need to boost your plants through the flowering phase. Each kit contains three bottles—one of each of the three parts of the Hurricane Flower 3-Part Flowering Concentrate System.
$50.85 - $305.85

Hurricane Hydroponics - Hurricane Flower - Part III

Hurricane Flower part III is the third part of a three part flowering concentrate system with a 1-8-5 nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium ratio that's perfect for stimulating large, vigorous blooms.
$16.95 - $101.95
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