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CanaWipes feature a unique cleaning solution combined with durable towels to give you unmatched cleaning power.

Remo's Nature's Candy

​Remo's Nature's Candy is an authentic blend of carbohydrates and amino acids that are extremely beneficial for all stages of plant life and development.
$18.50 - $49.95

Remo Astro Flower

​AstroFlower has been specifically designed to compliment our Micro, Grow, and Bloom nutrient products.
$24.95 - $69.95

Remo VeloKelp

​VeloKelp’s amazing formula is packed with vitamins and multiple seaweed extracts, specifically created to support a thriving garden.
$36.50 - $199.95

Remo MagNifiCal

MagnifiCal has been specially designed speed up absorption rates and can start affecting your plants within a couple of hours after use.
$16.95 - $33.95

REMO Roots

Remo’s Roots’ unique formula seals your cut immediately and saturates the area with multiple rooting compounds.Can be used in any propagation method.
$14.50 - $23.79

Remo's Grow

​REMO Grow brings a quality and simplicity to your garden. REMO only uses pharmaceutical grade minerals, marine extracts and the finest chelates to ensure consistency and pH balance
$14.50 - $73.95

Remo's Bloom

​Remo’s Bloom contains 1-4-6 base NPK as well as boron, chelated copper, chelated manganese, molybdenum, and chelated zinc. REMO Bloom brings a quality and ease to your garden.
$14.50 - $73.95

Remo's Micro

​Remo’s Micro is apart of a three part system. Calcium EDTA is highly effective in increasing crop production, heat stress reduction, and when used with boron it advances cell wall structure for firm, strong plants.
$20.00 - $73.95

Advanced Nutrients - pH Perfect - Micro

With chelates absorbed into your plants, you can expect nothing but high quality micro nutrients and an amazing garden. Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Micro is the way to go!
$13.50 - $94.95

Advanced Nutrients - pH Perfect - Bloom

Advanced pH Perfect bloom will give you the healthiest plants around. You will get the most of your money with this concentrated blend.
$9.95 - $69.95

Advanced Nutrients - pH Perfect - Grow

Advanced Nutrients pH perfect Grow is the perfect ingredient you need to enhance the growth of your plants by giving them all the essential nutrients they need.
$9.95 - $69.95

Flawless Finish

​As you’re aware,your plants grow by absorbing compounds from nutrients, water, and the atmosphere. It’s important for you to realize that Flawless Finish is the only formula made for your plants. That’s crucial because different species of plants respond in different ways to pre-harvest flushing, and because the testing and design of hydroponics flushing products has a direct bearing on whether those products work for you or not
$17.95 - $57.95

The LEC-315 "Commercial"

The LEC-315 is great for indoor gardens. Not only are you getting the light from the LEC-315, but it is also small enough to allow natural light to get to your plant as well.

Connoisseur Bloom Part A & B

If you’ve been growing for a long time, and are looking for a product to take your plants to the next level in terms of size and yield, then the two-part pH Perfect Connoisseur Bloom base nutrient is your answer.
$32.50 - $99.95

The B-Pod Rotating Garden

​The B-Pod Rotating Garden- "The Buzz starts with B-Pod!" The B-Pod line is the ideal rotary growing system for beginners as well as skilled users. The wheel rotates slowly, and the flood tray is filled to coincide with a single rotation of the wheel so all of the plants will receive water and nutrients. We currently offer 3 models in the B-Pod line with different growing capacity and space requirements. So choose a model that's right for you.
$3,500.00 - $4,500.00

Advanced Nutrients Microbial Munch

Advanced Nutrients’ Microbial Munch is a one of a kind product designed by 23 scientists to solve the traditional microbial dilemma for growers.

Advanced Nutrients Golden Goddess

Need more nutrients to you plants, Golden Goddess is the product to use!
$19.95 - $64.95

Sensi Cal-Mag Xtra

Sensi Cal-Mag Xtra Advance Nutrients is one of the best products to help your plant grown to their full potential.
$16.95 - $53.95

Tarantula Beneficial Bacteria Liquid

Advanced Nutrients Tarantula Liquid contains 57 types of microscopic organisms that colonize plant roots and leaves to guard against hostile bacteria and fungi attack. Ideal for both soil and hydroponic growing mediums. Tarantula protects seedlings, plant clones and adult plants.
$20.50 - $67.95
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