Gardening Literature for our Customers

Growco Indoor Garden Supply is very liberal with gardening related literature and publications.

With every order that we ship you'll find one or more of these catalogs, magazines or guides:

Gardener's Digest (Sunleaves retail catalog)
Advanced Nutrients catalog
General Hydroponics catalog
Hanna Instruments catalog
Hesi Nutrients catalog
Hydrofarm retail catalog
Sunlight Supply retail catalog

Grodan Stonewool info packet
Olivia's Cloning Tips

Garden and Greenhouse Magazine
The Growing Edge Magazine
The Indoor Gardener Magazine
Maximum Yield Indoor Gardening Magazine

If you're ordering merchandise tell us what you'd prefer to have in the "special instructions" part of your order.

If you'd like just a catalog, we'll send it to you free. Email us or call to let us know.

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