All-In-One Garden Packages

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We put together these complete All-In-One growing packages for both the beginner and the experienced indoor gardeners.

Each indoor growing kit includes both the hydroponics systems AND lighting equipment you need to grow your indoor garden:

STARTER Packages for the novice grower:

Starter Package 1:
     Emily's Garden hydroponics system
     Fluorowing Compact Fluorescent light system

Starter Package 2:
     Econojet Bare Bones Ebb and Flow System
     Sunleaves Pulsar Two-Way Mini 250W
     $359.95      FREE SHIPPING

Starter Package 3:
     Econojet Complete Ebb and Flow System
     Hydrofarm Pro-Ultra 400 watt HPS
     $479.95      FREE SHIPPING

Starter Package 4:
     American Hydroponics Big Foot Low Profile system
     Sunleaves Pulsar Two-Way Mini 400W
     $499.95      FREE SHIPPING

SERIOUS Packages for the experienced grower:

Serious Growers package 1 - Grow Big!
     GH Waterfarm 8-pack Kit
     Lumatek Ballast (600W or 1000W)
     Xtrasun 43" Parabolic Reflector
     $799.95 - $899.95      FREE SHIPPING

Serious Growers package 2:
     AeroFlo™ Super-Oxygenated Hydroponics System 36
     Sunlight Supply Vertizontal 600 watt Hortilux HPS
     $1049.95      FREE SHIPPING

Serious Growers package 3:
     Dark Room II DR90 grow tent
     Econojet Ebb and Flow System
     Daystar AC HID reflector with Hortilux HPS bulb
     Lumatek 600 watt ballast
     CAN fans and filter and all assembly parts
     $1251.95     FREE SHIPPING

ULTIMATE Packages include a grow room enclosure:

Ultimate Growers package 1:
     Homebox XL grow room enclosure
     3' x 3' Ebb & Flow Econo-system
     Hydrofarm Cool Tube Reflector
     Sunlight Supply System 1 HPS Ballast
     600 watt HPS SolarMax bulb
     Fans, nutrients, ducting, nutrients, filter, etc
     $1547.95     OUT OF STOCK

Ultimate Growers package 2:
     Dark Room II DR240W grow tent
     Ebb & Gro 12-plant system
     2 Hydrofarm Cool Tube Reflectors
     2 Sun System 600W Galaxy ballasts
     Two 600 watt Hortilux bulbs
     Fans, nutrients, ducting, nutrients, filter, etc.
     $2584.95      FREE SHIPPING

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