Smart Pot #3

Smart Pot #3

Smart Pot #7

Smart Pot #7

Smart Pot #5

Smart Pot #5
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A High Caliper Growing Smart Pot® is a soft-sided fabric aeration container that air root prunes your plants. Air root pruing promotes a healthy fibrous root ball with more root tips. More root tips equal quicker growth!

Because of their fabric composition, Smart Pots release heat buildup and aerates the root zone of your plants. The aeration process allows evaporative cooling within the container to keep the root ball a productive temperature so you get a longer growth cycle. You cannot overwater your plants using Smart Pots because the excess water drains through the fabric bottom.

Smart Pots eliminate overheating and root rot worries!

The Smart Pot is strait sided (no taper) making it more stable. It's made as a one-piece unit where the fabric bottom and sides work together to hold the plant in place. If you're growing outdoors, the fabric bottom contours to the undulations of the ground further stabilizing the plant to prevent tipping during windy weather.


Smart Pot size #1 - 7" diameter - 0.83 gallon
Smart Pot size #2 - 8" diameter (same as #2 nursery pot) - 1.9 gallon
Smart Pot size #3 - 10" diameter (same as #3 nursery pot) - 3 gallon
Smart Pot size #5 - 12" diameter (same as #5 nursery pot) - 5 gallon
Smart Pot size #7 - 14" diameter (same as #7 nursery pot) - 7 gallon
Smart Pot size #10 - 16" diameter x 12.5" tall - 10 gallon
Smart Pot size #15 - 18" diameter x 14.5" tall - 15 gallon
Smart Pot size #20 - 20" diameter x 14.5" tall - 20 gallon
Smart Pot size #30 - 24" diameter x 16.5" tall - 30 gallon
Smart Pot size #45 - 27" diameter x 18" tall - 45 gallon
Smart Pot size #65 - 32" diameter x 18" tall - 65 gallon

When you fill your Smart Pots, make sure they're packed tight so that the sides are straight.

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