Spectralux Green T5 HO Fluorescent Tube - 2 foot

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Spectralux Green T5 HO Fluorescent Tube - 2 foot

The Spectralux Green Fluorescent tubes are designed for growing your plants during the vegetative (growth) stage.

These green T5's are so bright, you won't believe they're OK to use in your room during the dark cycle! But, they are a true green light T5 bulb, and we have thoroughly tested them out for you- they are safe to use when your grow-lights are off, and they won't disrupt your plants photo-cycle! Finish your grow room maintenance at night under bright green light!

Each Spectralux Green 2' fluorescent tube produces an amazing 2,000 lumens directly onto your plants.

It is recommended that you place these fluorescent grow light 12 to 18 inches above your plants.

These tubes work great in any 2-foot T5 light fixtures, such as Sunblaster, New Wave, Pioneer Jr. and Tek-Light brands.

Tube life is about 20,000 hours.

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