Supernatural Super Soak - 100 g

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Supernatural Super Soak - 100 g

Supernatural Super Soak (previously known as Rockwool Soak) is an acid buffer that does not contain ammonia, so there's no worry of your plants getting burned.

It's ideal for use with plant cloning and provides a quick, steady burst of healthy growth the minute seeds germinate or cuttings begin to root.

Along with being a complete, balanced, plant food, Super Soak contains a special blend of calcium (11%), along with chelating agents to buffer both the nutrients and the medium. (Calcium is also the first nutrient the plant absorbs and is great for cell and stem structure.) It contains all of the essential macro and micro nutrients for optimum plant growth.

Ensures proper pH adjustment and also allows for nutrients to spread uniformly in Rockwool. You'll get the same good results using Super Soak with stonewool, cultilene, jiffy pots and peat pellets.

Application rate: Use 1 teaspoon per gallon of water, soak or drench the rockwool or stonewool for at least 20 minutes, allow to drain, then plant. Dissolves quickly and completely in water.

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