G.E. T5 COOL 6500k Fluorescent lamp

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T5 COOL 6500k Fluorescent lamp

These T5 high output fluorescent tubes produce very little heat which lets you position them closer to your plants to raise the light levels.

They're great for seedlings and cloning! Choose either the 6500k COOL lamp or the 3000k WARM lamp. For a full spectrum effect, combine the fluorescent tubes in your light fixture.

The 2-foot T5 tubes provide 2000 lumens - the 4-foot T5 tubes provide 5000 lumens. Use with only T5 compatible fluorescent fixtures.

Cool T5 bulbs are great for all stages of vegetative growth, as well as for rooting cuttings and seedlings. Warm T5 bulbs are perfect either used alone, or mixed with cool bulbs for stimulating fruiting or flowering in house plants, vegetables, orchids, and many other plants. T5 bulbs require a special T5 fixture, they won't run in a T8 fixture. View our T5 fixtures.

They have a one (1) year warranty from the manufacturer.

These Japanese manufactured lamps provide higher quality and output.

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