TotalGrow Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Bulb

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TotalGrow Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Bulb

The TotalGrow Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Bulb is like no other LED bulb we’ve seen yet! This completely American-made bulb is a full-spectrum, 12 watt, LED grow-light that you can screw into any standard socket. No reflector or ballast necessary! You can just plug this light right into any socket, along with an inexpensive timer, and you’re set to go. Whatever plant you hang this bulb over is sure to thrive: house-plants, bonsai trees, cuttings or seedlings, will all benefit from the full-spectrum lighting the TotalGrow LED bulb has to offer. It’s also the perfect solution to shaded areas in your large indoor garden. Those plants that were shaded by your HID lights? No longer a problem. Just place the TotalGrow LED bulb in the back corner of your garden, where your plants don’t get as much light, and reap the benefits come harvest. We’ve had great success with these bulbs in our own retail stores, and have received only positive feedback from our in-store customers. If you’re still not certain, just try one bulb for this season, and we’re sure you’ll be convinced!

  • Expect energy savings of 50%-80% as compared to a similar sized fluorescent bulb.
  • Drastically improve growth efficiencies when you install this bulb, providing the perfect high-quality lighting at the ideal intensity, wherever you need it.
  • Use the TotalGrow Full Spectrum LED bulb as either sunlight supplementation or as sole source lighting, it’s just that good.
  • The bulb is custom tailored to provide ideal lighting to supplement the growth of your plants, at a brightness that won’t offend your own eyes.
  • It’s low-maintenance, has a long lifetime, and contains absolutely no toxic heavy metals, breakable glass, or neurotoxins.
  • Can be implemented in just about any size garden: commercial greenhouses, home gardens, nurseries, hydroponics gardens, tissue culture labs, arboretums, schools, universities and research institutes.

TotalGrow Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Spectrum

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