Uvonair Ultraviolet Ozonators

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Uvonair Ultraviolet Ozonator

Attacks and neutralizes odors at the source! The Uvonair Ultra Violet Ozonators cost less to operate than a 100 watt light bulb and plug into standard 120 volt outlets.

Uvonair Ultra Violet Ozonators are ideally suited for small enclosed grow spaces or any other room in your house or office. They utilize a lamp source which bombards oxygen molecules with ultraviolet light, causing them to mutate into the tri-oxygen form, known as ozone.

A small fan directs air past the Uvonair lamp and out into the air mix. Immediately the ozone begins to neutralize odors and pollutants. Eliminates odors caused by nutrients, tobacco smoke, pets, cooking and damp basements. It also kills mold, mildew and bacteria!

Uvonair 1000 is designed for rooms up to 1000 cubic feet
Uvonair 3000 handles rooms up to 3000 cubic feet
Uvonair 5000 is ideal for areas up to 5000 cubic feet.

Uvonair is well known for their quality air deodorizing and purification equipment.

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