VitaLUME Compact Fluorescent bulb - 125 watt

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VitaLUME Compact Fluorescent bulb

VitaLUME compact fluorescent growlight bulbs are ideal for seedlings, plant cuttings and small plants, giving them healthy compact growth with tight internodal spacing.

Use the COOL (6400K) bulbs for cloning or during vegetative stages.

Use the WARM (2700K) bulbs for fruiting or flowering stages.

For plants taller than a foot, regular fluorescent tubes can supplement your plant HID light by mounting them on the side of the plants.

VitaLUME Compact Fluorescent bulb life-expectancy is about 1 year for horticultural purposes, at which time they should be replaced. They run on standard 110V current and have the larger Mogul base.

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