VitaLUME PLUS T5 Bloom Tubes - pack of 4

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VitaLUME PLUS T5 Bloom Tubes- pack of 4

Our 2-foot and 4-foot Sunleaves VitaLUME PLUS T5 Fluorescent Tubes are high-output replacements for any T5 lamp specific fixture.

These fluorescent tubes produce high quality light for vegetative or flowering growth but generate less heat and have lower energy consumption than HID lights (less expensive to burn).

VitaLume GROW tubes are comparable in spectral output to metal halide bulbs and are ideal for seed germination or plant cloning. They also work well for vegetative growth for plants up to 12-15" tall. We recommend using COOL lamps during your garden's vegetative stage, or to provide quality side lighting for HID gardens. Grow tube output = 1,800 lumens at 6,500 kelvin.

VitaLume BLOOM tubes provide the WARM light spectrum plants need once they start budding. They help your plants produce abundant fruit and flowers, similar to HPS bulbs. These are perfect for flowering plants like orchids or smaller, compact hot pepper plants during their fruiting or flowering stage, and can also be used as high quality side lighting for HID gardens to provide light to darker areas of the garden. Bloom tube output = 1,900 lumens at 2,900 kelvin.

Our Vitalume T5 tubes carry a one-year manufacturer's warranty. 

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