Xtrasun 49 inch Parabolic HV Reflector

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Xtrasun 49 inch Parabolic HV Reflector

The Hydrofarm Xtrasun parabolic 49-inch reflector delivers all the light down to your plants with wide, even light distribution.

This is a lightweight HID reflector that has built-in socket with 15-foot cordset. It is lightweight and easy to handle.

Well suited for a square or circular shaped indoor garden, the Xtrasun 49" Parabolic reflector allows you to mount the bulb either horizontally or vertically.

Use it with any Hydrofarm ballast (Xtrasun and HF Lumatek). Compatible with both sodium (HPS) and halide (MH) bulbs.

Some assembly is required, but the slide panels make it easy to put together and no tools are needed!

Dimensions: 49" Diameter

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